My Story

Howdy! My name is Kristin McDuffie and I am SO excited to be part of the Scentsy family. As a full time wife to Westley and stay-at-home mom to 3 crazy busy kiddos (Jacob, Colton & Macie Jane) as well as my Siberian Husky, Kodiak, and 2 cats, Ace & Deuce, I knew I wanted to keep my home smelling fresh, but I didn't want to risk any dangers to my family. I was never comfortable about having lit candles around my kids or pets and I was spending a fortune for those mall candles! Air fresheners worked OK, but never seemed to last and when they did, I got bored with the scent. Then I attended my first Scentsy party and simply fell in love with the products.

No Flame. No Wick. No Soot. No Worries.

The safety aspect sold me at first, and then I saw the beautiful warmers and smelled the 100+ fantastic fragrances that Scentsy carries. Scentsy only adds the finest scented oils to their wickless wax candles. The aroma released is amazing. Scentsy wax candles will out-perform your most expensive flamed candle at a fraction of the price. With the introduction of essential oils & diffusers, we have taken fragrance to a whole new level. You can have constant and lovely scents throughout your home at the touch of a button. Scentsy also has car bar and room sprays as well as travel tins and scent paks, so you can take your favorite Scentsy scent with you wherever you go.

And now, Scentsy has ventured into laundry and cleaning products so I don't have to sacrifice my favorite scents when I do those chores!

Please feel free to contact me about scheduling a party or being a part of my Scentsy team. I know you'll love it as much as I do!